James Lumiere, one of the busiest optometrists in the states, serves thousands of clients each month. One cold day a shopper, who claimed to descend from royal ancestry, stepped into his high-end boutique. Usually James had an uncanny ability to pull out the perfect frame to satisfy each customer. He seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to enhancing the client’s appearance with his new eyewear. This time, although, James had already presented a number of very attractive eyeglass frames, the client did not look happy. James began searching through his inventory to see if there was something that he had missed, that would give her the look she was seeking. However, the customer seemed to be looking for a pair of eyewear that just had not yet been fashioned. Disappointed, she said, “I’ve already been to five different optical stores in the city. You must help me. You are the first one who at least seems to understand what I want!”

      In truth, James did get the picture of what she wanted. The problem was that the look this customer desired was not on the market. As she walked out, the client left her calling card with James. “If by any chance you think of anything, or have an idea where I can procure such a frame, please give me a call.” Disconcerted, James went into his back room. This was the first time in years that he had been unable to satisfy a customer. Deep in thought, he sat down, took out his sketch pad and pencil, and began to draw a rough draft of the frame that he envisioned. James worked intently for several hours in the back, while his salespeople tried to take care of the customers themselves. It was late at night before he was finally pleased with the results. Over the next few days, James worked feverishly to modify the drawing and develop a frame that was uniquely avant-garde, yet stylishly elegant. His design had to definitely be tomorrow’s fashion, yet traditional enough for any client who wanted to feel confident and distinguished. James calculated the precise measurements that would produce lightweight eyewear and assure maximum comfort as well as accommodate a range of lenses. He did not rest until his design was perfectly executed one late evening. James took out the card that the client had left with him and called the number. “I think I may have what you are looking for,” he said. She excitedly rushed through the door and James showed her the illustration he had been working on. The client exclaimed, “That’s it! That’s what I’ve been looking for. How soon can I have them?” James didn’t think he could have it manufactured sooner than three months, but the client was more than happy to wait for the glasses of her dreams. True to his word, three months later, after much hard work, James Lumiere successfully produced his new Lumiere line of exclusive designer eyewear. Lumiere Eyewear has since become a prominent name in the optical world.

      The prospect of owning eyeglass frames that will complement, and even enhance, one’s appearance is of interest to everyone. The Lumiere concept is a patented and innovative eyewear system that has produced a totally rimless frame that gives each wearer a look of individuality. Lumiere Eyewear is very attractive and offers a large selection of shapes, colors and sizes to suit each individual. It has produced Lumiere Eyewear is attractive, lightweight and functional. The metal frame is strong, yet very lightweight and flexible. It is specifically designed not to exert any pressure on the lens and has eliminated all the unnecessary hardware. Opticians are delighted with its adaptability. Its unique design has attracted attention worldwide. The web display presents a sampling of our styles, but there is no substitute for actually seeing how you look in a pair of Lumiere Eyewear.. If you are the type of person who likes to accessorize for a special occasion, needs to communicate self-assurance at business meetings or presentations, or merely wants the most current look available in eyewear today, contact us and “see the new you.”